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• 0.15kW Single Phase, General Purpose Dewatering Pumps with an automatic float switch
• Davey dewatering pumps are less susceptible to blockage
• Attractive, lasting appearance with an open impeller, centrifugal design
• Suitable for applications such as moving rainwater, surface water and storm water
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Davey D42a/b  High Pressure Drainage  Pumps

The D42a/b models are able to pump clean water of neutral pH ( ie rainwater )

Designed for pumping clean rainwater and activated by an automatic float

The D42 models can be converted to automatic water pressure  systems by adding a TT45/S ‘Plug & Play Torrium 2

Operating Limits

Capacities to 140 LT/min

Max Total head 32

Max submergence 12m

Max operating temperature 40 c

Minimum soft solids  1.9 mm O.D.

Outlet size 1″ (F)

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 220-240 v  50 Hz single phase

*Cable Length  10 metres

Output ( watts ) 600

Start (amps) 14

Run (amps) 4.3

Speed  2 pole , 2850rpm

Input Power (P1 )   1.00 kw

Output Power (P2 )  0.60 kw

Insulation class Class F

IP rating  X8

Starting P.S.C

* The D42 A/B Models are also available with a 20 meter length power lead